Monday, November 23, 2009

23. Pregnancy Brain

Today, for the 2nd time in as many months, with a shopping cart obscenely loaded with detrius of American commercialism totaling hundreds of dollars (ugh), I arrived at the Target cashier with no wallet.


Raining both days.

Thankfully Dahlia was not with me today. It was easier to run back to my MIL's to retrieve said wallet (which was in the diaper bag - handy!).

How annoying.


donna said...

Ugh, that sucks. But at least you didn't have the wee one with you.

Kate said...

Oh dear. I'm not and never have been pregnant and have done the same thing.

Holly said...

Pete has never been pregnant (to my knowledge) and has left his wallet in so many places I can't count. His favorite location - in the grocery cart in the parking lot.