Wednesday, November 18, 2009

18. More Internal Car Debate

I'm trying to reconcile my inner-hippie-green-living-self with purchasing a SUV which gets not great gas mileage and is BIG. I love having a tiny little car that I can squeeze into virtually any spot, I only have to fill up twice a month and has a relatively small 'foot print' in general. I hate also having a car that is so small that trying to go away for the weekend is a tetris-like exercise in packing.

I say to myself "I don't drive *that* much." My commute is negligible (1 mile? 2?) The only other places I go regularly are to the grocery store (3 miles?) and it's rare that I hit the road and drive down to Austin (although if I had a car that wouldn't feel as if it were to fly off the road, perhaps I would go more often!) or on road trips...but I still feel guilty.

How do I balance out my AMERICANISM (ie: lots of stuff, big car, following the herd) with my GREENIE-WANNABE?

If someone says 'hybrid' I will say YOU'RE RIGHT! But sadly it's about $10k out of my price range (that's used....).


Anonymous said...

Could you buy an SUV that isn't as big? More like a mid level one instead of something huge like an escalade size. Then you can remind yourself that you didn't get the biggest, but one that matched your family needs.

Or make sure you buy one that isn't a v8. Aren't those more gas hogging than one that is a v6.

carrster said...

Definitely - looking at a HIghlander which doesn't seem BIG to me (like a Suburban or an Escalade) but WAY big compared to my Focus! Looking for a V6 nothing more - want to be able to tow a trailer in the future...otherwise I'd go with a V4.

juliemac_29 said...

Well, you know that we're eyeballing a Subaru Outback and have ONE child to pack and drag around. So, clearly not apples to apples. BUT, I think a lot of people get trapped into thinking they need more vehicle space when they just don't. Mostly because, and you've said it before, we all seem to want to drag our entire homes with us when we go anywhere. If you don't have the trunk space, you'd be amazed at how light you can travel. LOL!

carrster said...

We don't have the trunk space now, and it's not pleasant. I can't imagine trying to get a double-stroller in there!