Tuesday, November 17, 2009

17. More Evidence

...that I need a new car...BADLY.

I was driving home from errand running this morning on Arrowhead Road...(just off Haines Rd for any Duluthians). It's 41 degrees outside but in the shade some areas are still "frosty" from last night. Not "icy" just "frosty" I started fishtailing (!!!!!) in one of these areas. Scared the crap out of me (going about 45. Lovely). Made me want to stop the car and walk home (but that would entail several miles + lugging groceries = um, no.)

I'm going car shopping on Thursday - I HAVE to find something. This will not do.

(thankfully I was in the car by myself!)

1 comment:

feisty said...

car shopping is never fun, but think of safety! i know i am due for a "new" one soon...and unfortunately, it won't be a shiny new hybrid (affordability!? hello?)