Monday, November 16, 2009

16. 17 Weeks*

So as of Saturday I'm 17 weeks pregnant! How did that happen? It seems to be going incredibly fast. Maybe it's because I'm much busier (re: toddler) than I was the first time around. According to my scale I have not gained any way (lost a couple of pounds) but it's always different at the doctor's office.

I go in today for an appt and my 1-hour GTT. Ugh. 11 weeks earlier than normal due to my past history. I'm praying to God that I pass because the thought of going 23 weeks on a restricted diet really bums me out. Seriously. I know it is a good thing to find out and of course I want the baby & myself to be healthy but it is a bummer. Yeah, it wasn't that bad last time when I got into it and I did eat incredibly healthy, but the holidays are tough...and sometimes when you're pregnant and STARVING and all you want for dinner is M&Ms and salt & vinegar chips, well, then sometimes you indulge...but I can't. Or I *might not be able to* do that. Heck, I might not be able to drink OJ in the morning any more.

But - maybe I"ll pass this time! Maybe I'll go through this test with flying colors and won't have to worry about it for another 11 weeks!

In other PG news, I broke out the first pair of maternity pants today. I'm not really showing (unless I'm naked, and no one wants to see THAT) but my pants are unbelievably uncomfortable and don't ride where they should so I decided, why fight it? I'm very comfy today. :)

*Due date has been changed to May 1, which technically puts me at 16w 2d today. It's because of wonky LMP dates + the dating ultrasound we did early on. From past experience I plan to be *ready* by April 1....just in case.

**The glucose test went fine. I actually got there early so started the whole process early, which was nice. It's gross, but it could be worse. I was just so dang hungry! I just got an email saying to check "MyHealth" account (online) and when I did it LOOKS like everything is normal! Whohoo! Granted, I'm no doctor, but I'm optimistic! Now I'll just have to wait to take it again in 10 weeks or so...guess what - THAT'S AFTER THE HOLIDAYS - whohooo!

***Oh and the baby is all fine & good...heartbeat at 150 or so and moving ALL OVER THE PLACE - hmmm, reminds me of another baby I had in my uterus.....maybe I'll get another livewire!!


juliemac_29 said...

YAY!! Congrats on what sounds like a great appointment!!

Kate said...

Yeah for eating potato chips and pickles at odd hours! And do you think I could get away with pretending to be pregnant so I can wear maternity pants?

Just sayin'.

Meigan said...

Congratulations on being 16 weeks already! Time sure flies. And congrats on maybe passing the glucose test. My fingers are crossed for you.