Sunday, November 01, 2009

1. Sunday

I have to tell you - even though our Halloween "party" (really just a gathering of a very few friends) was smaller than I would've liked we had a really nice time.

Steve made tuna burgers, which were a huge hit; I crafted some devilishly good dip and some 'witch finger' breadsticks and silly monster cupcakes. Food was eaten, ambiance was good, conversations were interesting. It was nice.

It got late too quickly and we realized we were FAR too tired to go out. It was midnight after all.

So we went to bed. And slept. For 8 solid, non-interrupted by babies or cats, hours. It was awesome. And then I laid in bed a little longer, just because I could.

That's not to say I didn't miss my little pumpkin - I did, terribly. It was the first night that I had ever spent AT HOME without her. Strange. I missed her cuddles this morning too, but I will admit it was nice to sleep in. Very nice.

We picked her up after a leisurely breakfast, paper-reading & showers. She was so hyper & having so much fun at Grandma's she probably would've loved to stay all day. She 'jumped,' ran, sang, generally showed off, went between Steve & I while giving hugs, made silly faces & consumed some V8 Splash which I'm pretty sure is baby-crack!

She was asleep in the car before we hit the main road (oh about 2 blocks). I did a successful sleeping-baby-transfer from car to crib where she slept for 2 1/2 hours. THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE - you heard it hear. My child napped, AT MY HOUSE, for 2 1/2 hours. It was awesome.

I washed the kitchen floor, I tried to hook up the HD antenna (fail), I read pages & pages & pages. It was awesome. When I went to get her (because it had been so long), she was quietly sitting in her crib playing with her taggy blankie.


She's now eating a snack and soon we'll do a repeat of "Halloween" at Steve's Dad's house.

It's been a great weekend! Hope yours was as happy!

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Kate said...

Maybe she got possessed over Halloween.

Glad you got some rest!