Friday, October 16, 2009

Productive Friday

I have a boatload of things that I want to accomplish today. So instead of writing this post at the end of day, chronicling what I've gotten done, I'm going to list my accomplishments right now...and then see how I do....

* get up & get Dahlia & I 'ready' for the day.

*unload dishwasher & dish drainer

*bake cookies

*clean back bedroom (for tomorrow's guests!)

*dust/vacuum downstairs

*prime 2 bedroom walls (behind non-connected radiators)

*paint quarter round for our bedroom

*decorate for Halloween

*run errands to grocery store & "Riley" apt

*start painting radiators

*sweep/vacuum upstairs

*make thank you cards for Halloween goodies from Gma & Gpa & Auntie Kathy

So, we'll see how I do...wish me luck!


feisty said...

you went from blah to productive in one night. hope you are feeling less tired, lady! good luck.

Meigan said...

So? How'd you do? That was an aggressive list for one day!