Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well, I'm officially NOT on a Charter modem. Yup. We're giving up cable. Internet & TV. We've switched to Clearwire, which although we haven't found a PERFECT spot for the new modem, seems to be working pretty well. I have yet to unhook the digital cable box...not quite sure why I'm hanging on but I am. It's a security blanket or something. I don't watch much tv. Hardly any, actually and what I do find myself watching (okay, THE VIEW, occasionally) is on network television so who cares? I'm buying the 'old' HD TV from 4 Track AND we have our 2 digital converter boxes ready to go....when I get back from my weekend at the Flyway Film Festival...there shall be no cable.... No HGTV, no terrible MTV shows, no TLC, etc etc.....I think I'll survive. Thank god for Hulu! ha.

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juliemac_29 said...

We're contemplating this too.......mostly because I hate Charter with practically every fiber of my being. Mark's the holdout.....he likes channel flipping. lol