Monday, August 03, 2009

St. Croix, Bingo, Girls' Weekend, Hiking, Progressives & Al Franken

Whew - busy weekend....

Saturday I drove down to St. Croix State Park. I was meeting my Mom, my sister Kathy, my aunt Ronnelle & my cousin Lindsay for a "Girls' Night" in Hinckley so I decided to go down a little early so I could go for a walk at St. Croix.

The park is really nice - it's huge. I think it would be really good for taking Dahlia too - there were a lot of good activities...playgrounds, the Munger Trail goes through the park, canoe shuttle, etc. It was packed, but I still think it looked like it would be fun. I enjoyed my picnic lunch & my walk.

Then I met my family at the hotel in Hinckley. Kathy, Lindsay & I all have August birthdays so traditionally (growing up) we would celebrate all that's what this was! Our birthday celebration! After meeting up with them we settled into our suite, then walked around to check out the casino. None of us are big gamblers but it was kind of fun. We ended up having Happy Hour in our room and then played "Early Bird Bingo." None of us won! Dang. After that we played a few slot machines then went back up to the room for pizza, presents & cake! Later we visited the hot tub and by then we were all pooped.

Sunday we enjoyed the breakfast buffet & played more slots. I was playing the $10 I got free from the hotel (I'm such a big spender!). I ended up winning 10,000 pennies on a penny machine! It was great! $100! So with all my 'gambling' & the bingo I came out $92 ahead for the weekend. Not too shabby!

Then it was back to Duluth. I wanted to meet up with Steve who was on the trail with a group from the Progressive Roundtable conference. The conference participants had several options of afternoon activities and one was hiking through our beloved Chester Park. It was a great hike & the hikers seemed to really enjoy it. They had a lot of questions for Steve about the different trees, plants, etc. I think Steve really enjoyed it too.

Back home to get ready for the reception. Our new building is almost complete and this was the 'premiere' of sorts! I can't believe how much they got done between Friday afternoon & last night! It looked amazing - the food, the decor, the kick ass mural...I can't wait til the whole building is complete! I enjoyed some wine & apps and a little mingling. I also got my picture taken with Senator Franken (my friend chided me for calling him 'Al.') After the reception Jason & I videotaped the keynote address & the Q&A. It was a great evening and I felt excited to be a part of the event.

I gotta say - I was pooped by time I got home! We had to pick Dahlia up (she was at Grandma's) and she was sound asleep. She slept through 2 car transfers & a new diaper. That was one tired baby!! (just like me)

Now it's back to business.....


feisty said...

fun times....congrats on the succesful opening. drove by the theater this week and thought "holy crap, when did that happen?"

nice pic of you and the senator...

Meigan said...

Look at you - hobnobbing with famous people again! You are such a busy lady - I don't know how you do it all.