Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Busy day...

3:15am - hear Dahlia crying...let her cry it out, only took 2 minutes.

3:25am - more crying, ANGRY now...go in and check. She's nuk-less, standing up, very cute. (even at that time of day...)

3:40am - go back to bed after rocking her for a bit. She went back to sleep in her own crib - yippeee!!

7am - get up - Dahlia's still asleep in her own crib! Get ready to drop her off, take Juno to the vet; make lunch.

7:30am - go in to wake Dahlia up (!) because we have to go...she's just laying in her crib, playing with Abby (Cadabby)

7:45am - drop Dahlia off at daycare - TODDLER daycare to you & me...

8am - vet appointment with Juno. She's all good. Took her shots like a champ. Scratched the hell out of me though.

9am - back home to take a shower & get ready for day.

10am - look at two rental homes (for possible film locations). GOOD LORD...what dumps! I can't believe what "landlords" (or more aptly SLUMlords) can get away with because they rent to college students! Disgusting! I'm so glad I'm not renting any more...

11:20am - eat lunch because I'm starving and forgot to eat breakfast...or I didn't have time, I can't remember which.

12:19pm - blogging; should be working....

1pm - auditions for a couple of actresses

2pm - audition for actor

4:45pm - scout a bar location for film

6pm - Dinner at the Depot for the closing night of the Progressive Roundtable Conference

9pm - hand out copies of GOD ROCKED to all conference participants

10pm - crash hardcore.

Whew! Wish me luck!

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