Monday, August 17, 2009

Better News

My Grandma went in for a meeting with the specialist at Mayo on Friday and also had a PET scan. The scan showed NO OTHER TUMORS in her entire body, which is awesome! They also decided to NOT do surgery on the tumor she has because 1) the tumor is incredibly slow growing; 2) such a surgery would probably be harder for my Grandma to go through than waiting out the tumor growing.

I talked with my Grandma yesterday (it was her & my Grandpa's 67th Wedding Anniversary!!) and she said she is "relieved" that she doesn't have to have the surgery and also that the tumor's there and she's "not going to think about it that much." I think that is a fabulous attitude.

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Kate said...

After working in the hospital for the last two years, I've discovered that is really IS all about the attitude. That IS good news.