Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No Cry

So yesterday & today when I dropped Dahlia off at daycare - she didn't cry! It wasn't even like...anything. I just handed her over and she was fine. No big production, no keening, no arms outstretched to her Mama....


Now why does THAT make me sad.



Sarita said...

Ugh. The eternal paradox. We need them to be independent, but we want them to need us.

Kate said...

Well, my friend Joan has gotten to the point that when her husband takes off with the two little ones for a long weekend, she goes back in the house and does the happy dance. Someday you won't cry either.

michelle said...

just heard a country song about this. thought of you.

glad it's going better (for her) and hope it gets better for you too :)