Friday, July 10, 2009

Laptop - RIP

My computer died today. As in "can't find your hard drive" died. I'm very, very sad. I only hope that I still have the photos on my camera of Dahlia that I had not yet saved on my work computer. It really REALLY sucks. Not in the budget for a new computer, guess that iPhone is on hold and I will go nuts if I have to work on this DELL for very long.

But mostly, sad about my photos.

I'm taking it in on Monday, but I'm pretty sure what they're going to say (and then I'll give them $59! Hmph!)


Feel free to send computer contributions my way.


Sarita said...

I'm so sorry.
It seems like every other day someone is telling me their computer died. I fully expect mine to die soon too. Good reminder for me to do another backup of the photos and such.

michelle said...

i am so sorry carrie. i was just thinking about that today - about saving and printing off our photos.

hope you can rescue those pictures!

we should start printing them off and saving a disc when we take them. we can remind each other?