Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend went too fast, as usual, but what can ya do...

On Friday I found out that not only does Dahlia have a cold, but she also has an ear infection in both ears! Ugh! She's now on her first dose of antibiotics. Hmph. I think she's starting to feel better, although yesterday she was CRABBY. So.....who knows. Hopefully it'll continue to get better.

We went for a hike in Hartley which was nice. I hadn't hiked that section of the Superior Hiking Trail for quite a while!

Saturday we biked down to watch the marathoners come in. It takes about 5 minutes for us to get to London Road where we watched most of the half-marathoners come in, the wheelchairs and the elite runners. It was HOT out. I felt really bad for those runners. It hasn't been hot here YET and that was the day. They considered canceling the race because of the temps & humidity...but they temps leveled off and the humidity dropped. The half-marathoners took the brunt of it.

It was cool to see the elite runners come through. The guy that won had a HUGE lead. He is originally from MN and he won.

A Minnesotan hasn't won Grandma's since 1982! He was SUPER lean...holy cow. I read in the paper yesterday that he was 5'11" and weighs 125!!! Made me feel just gross. Oh well. After we watched the racers, we biked down to Canal Park to check out the action, then spent some time playing on the pebble beach behind Leif Erickson park. I nearly died on the way home. Biking straight up hill when it's hot & humid is NOT my forte. Even though I walked most of the hills, I was pretty overheated by time I got home!!

The rest of the day we putzed around home - I managed to get one wall primed in Dahlia's room (if I just had a block of 4-5 hours I think I could get the dang thing done! It's a TINY room!!). Steve putzed in the yard and Dahlia actually took a nap (not in her crib but oh well).

Later that afternoon Michelle & Chris stopped by for a little front-porch time. It was good to see them and I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more of them SOON! :)

Yesterday we had french toast for Father's Day, took a hike on another section of the SHT and spent most of the day at my FIL's.

It ended up turning into a really late night, unfortunately, for Miss Dahlia. :( Sometimes dinners out there turn into long productions. (the food was just takes a while to get it to the table!).

And that was my weekend. Now onto another week and a WHOLE LOT of work....


Meigan said...

That is such a sweet picture of you & Dahlia. I can't believe how big she's getting!

Kate said...

There's no amount of exercising that I could do that would make me want to run a race. None. And isn't it wonderful how everything turned green overnight?