Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Toothlessness & immobility - no more!

GAH I'm behind on posting. I know! I was reprimanded by someone today (you know who you are) because I haven't posted yet about some BIG NEWS!!

The first big news is that when I was in Los Angeles, Dahlia took her first all-by-herself steps while at her Grandma B's! Eeek! Now since then I've seen her take a couple, she took more for my Mom when we were in Longville last weekend...and since then? Not so much...but the important thing is, it has begun. At long last.

The other big news - DAHLIA HAS A TOOTH! And what I mean by "has" is, is that it is just breaking through - I mean, it's through just not very far. Very exciting! That was discovered last Thursday, much to my shock. I always am checking but til now hadn't ever found anything! Might have explained why she was a BEAR last week. Poor thing. Now I'm checking regularly for more breakthroughs...none as of yet.

I was at my folks' house this weekend and went through some of my old things (ay yi yi) and among those was my baby book. I too did not walk or have teeth until 17 1/2 months.

Miss Dahlia is right on (my) schedule!

The other big news (*sniff*) is that my little girl is starting school (I hate the word daycare, I admit it) tomorrow!!! GAH. I found a place that I love, that is less than 2 blocks from our house, came HIGHLY recommended and is run by someone I know! Today we went & hung out for a while, she ate lunch there and played. Tomorrow I will leave her for a few hours (through lunchtime) then Thursday she's on her own. I will spend a few hours tomorrow morning sobbing and wondering what the hell I'm going to do with all this spare time?!? (oh yeah, work). I'm excited & anxious for her, I think she'll enjoy it far more than coming to work with me; but I'm also a little bit sad (for myself). And relieved at the same time. I can't imagine going to the doctor or getting a hair cut or getting a productive day in at work without her on my lap! It'll be a change that's for sure. She's in the infant room until she can actually walk...she is WAY older than the other infants...but I don't imagine she'll be in there too long.

Oh and the other topic (nighttime) (which I don't want to SAY out loud because I'm sure I'll jinx it...is going MUCH much better. I'm much more rested these days. Let's hope it lasts...

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donna said...

You know, now that she's mobile, going to work with you was just going to not work. This way, she's older, more self sufficient, better able to communicate (somewhat) and will enjoy the time there. Hopefully that will help assuage your guilt somewhat. You have nothing to feel guilty about but I know you'll feel guilty anyway.

Hang in there, Mama. It'll be ok.