Friday, June 19, 2009

Random Friday Stuff

- Dahlia has a cough - has had one for about a week. I initially thought it was due to all the drainage - the snotty nose, the amazing amounts of drool, etc - because of the teething. But the cough isn't going away and it sounds terrible and kept her (and me) up for most of the night. So....I'm taking her in today. Hopefully it's nothing. We have another appt (18mo) on Wednesday so I hate going in so close to'll be another $100 I'm sure...but I want to make sure she's okay.

-The mailman just came at 9:25am. Usually they come around 3pm. My plan was to mail the Father's Day cards from the house today - later this afternoon (after I uh, make them...). Now my plan is foiled. Hmph.

-My fingernails are super long right now and I have no idea where my husband seems to have stashed ALL the nail clippers. It makes typing really annoying. I could try using Dahlia's but I don't think they'll work too well.

-My to-do list today includes: thinking & creating (amongst other things). Hmmmm.....

-Happy Friday!

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Meigan said...

You don't bite your nails?