Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Progress? No, not really...

Day 3 drop off. Not good, for either of us but my trick today was I drove! So immediately ran to my car and sped away - that way I couldn't hear the crying. I also find if I distract myself as much as possible, that's better. But now I feel the need to call and see how she's doing.

My heart? Still aches.

Just talked to the center. She's napping! In a crib! Whohooo! That's a major accomplishment. I guess she really needs to have a person, a big person, near her at all times. She wants nothing to do with other children, she wants her personal adult playing with, attending to her at all times. *sigh* I know this will get better...I just hope it's not too long of a road. She ate lots of mac & cheese (that a a girl!) and enjoyed sitting at the 'big kids' counter and doing a puzzle with the cook. Didn't like going back into a highchair so much for lunch. It's a slow process....hopefully it'll start to go a bit smoother....

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