Thursday, June 04, 2009

Productivity Update

Here's how my month of productivity turned out:

* paint Dahlia's room (includes patching, sanding, scraping, priming, painting) because it is driving me insane and no little girl should have to live in such a room - Much to my (and especially my mother-in-law's) chagrin, this is still yet unaccomplished....the room has been patched (which was a pain in the ass) & sanded...but as of yet it has not been primed or painted. I'm not sure why I can't get to this project! Hmph.

* remove wallpaper in our bedroom. It is HIDEOUS. And apparently impervious to water/fabric softener/vinegar. It's super fun to strip off. I've done maybe 1/4 of this. Not much since the initial push. It's so hard and annoying. I need instant gratification, apparently. It is still hideous.

* write in and put the photos in Dahlia's baby book. - well, her book is written in but I have yet to organize the photos. Because I am lame.

* get our camcorder figured out and start editing the FL trip. Got all the footage OFF the camera, now have to find time (at work) to edit it. The HD footage really is too much for my little macbook to handle...hmmm, upgrade anyone?? (ha yeah right)

* edit & sound design my short film (shot last fall!) It has been edited! I did some final (I hope) tweaking on it yesterday and am waiting to hear back from my sound designer of choice. I'd like to get this done SOON so that I can send it off to some festivals. There's a local one in mid-July that I'd like it to be a part of.

What else did I do? Well, I was in a wedding (as you all know), I went to the zoo (ditto), I made some placemats for a wedding gift which I forgot to take a photo of (pooey), I baked & cooked, my parents visited, we planted loads of things in the yard, I went to Los Angeles, I went to Longville, I watched my baby take her first steps (wheeeee!) and that's about it!

On tap for June: plant more flowers, drink margaritas, read books, take walks, ride the bike, play with Dahlia outside, try new recipes, have friends over for dinner, celebrate the triplet's 2nd birthday, visit old friends, paint Dahlia's room, work on her babybook, create, finish, laugh, love. Should be a good month.


michelle said...

i'll bring up the placemats if you want to get some good shots of them :) i'd offer myself but i still haven't found time to learn how to use the macro on my camera...

Meigan said...

Well I'm impressed.

My sunroom paint job has turned into a 3-month project. But hey - I just finished painting the ceiling! Just the walls left to go.

And then RESTRAINT to keep me from starting another room!

Gotta love moving. I know what you mean about wanting it all done NOW.

Kate said...

I'm all about being as lazy as possible in the summer.