Friday, June 12, 2009

Park Point Rummage Sale

I'm not much of a rummage saler at all, but my thinking has changed now that Dahlia is in my life. I enjoy finding cheap pants at the thrift store or at a sale that i know she'll just blow the knees out of anyway. I like buying an almost new hat for less than 1/2 it's Gap price. Dahlia is the key. Baby clothes are the way to go.

So when my friend Heather invited me to go to the annual Park Point Rummage Sale today I said YES! Even though I should've been working around the house, I couldn't resist. The day is beautiful and Dahlia needs pants!

I also was looking for a toddler sized camp-chair which I haven't found....I shall continue my hunt.

What we did get though was this:

6 pairs of pants
1 sleeper
10 shirts
1 dress

all for $11.60! Yes!

I also got her a SUPER ridiculously cute navy & white dress (very classic style) with matching hat for $5. It is a 4T so lord knows when she'll fit into it but I just couldn't resist.

We also picked up a tub full of blocks (all shapes & sizes) for $3.00.

And a bag of mini-donuts for $3.50 (man those used to be so much better and so much cheaper! I think my old lady body just can't handle them any more. I have more than half a bag left...any takers?)

So my total for today was $23.10.

Not bad for a morning's work.


juliemac_29 said...

Excellent bargain hunting! Next, you can come here and look through all my stuff for free. :) There's probably as much in my basement as on the whole of Park Point! (Maybe it just feels that way...)

Kate said...

I love rummage sales. I think half my possessions are from such a venue.

Meigan said...

Kids make you a fan of garage sales. There is just no other way to get through toddler years! (and grade school years, I'm learning!)