Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Month of Catching Up

It's been a little light in the posting department lately - I will try to get back on track here soon.'s my May in a nutshell:

Chris & Michelle's fabulous wedding & reception:

Mother's Day with Miss Dahlia & Steve at the zoo:

Dahlia posing with dahlias at the nursery. A trip made with BOTH Grandmas in tow.

Dahlia's trip to the farm with her ECFE class.

The first margarita night of the season with Anna (Hi Anna!).

Dahlia in her BIG GIRL car seat...she loves facing forward.

Hanging out at the Dresden Room in LA with friends. They have a house drink there called "Blood & Sand" - I haven't had one in 7 years! Delish.

A quick kayak paddle while in Longville with my family this past weekend.

More regular posting to come....

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Kate said...

Looks beautiful! What an exciting May!