Thursday, June 11, 2009

Did I mention we got a kitten?

I'm so behind on all this blogging. Ay yi yi - I have completely neglected to mention that our new family member has arrived!

Meet Juno!

I have yet to get a decent photo of her. She's a spaz and is always running all over the place.

She's a Siamese and she's about 9 weeks old. We got her from a crazy farm far away in the boondocks. Sheesh! She is super playful and sweet and much nicer to hold now that we clipped her nails (by 'we' I mean Steve). Dahlia loves to play with her which is awesome. Give the girl a cat toy and she can entertain the kitten for quite some time. They chase after balls together which is funny. Juno likes to jump on the pages of magazines that Dahlia is looking through. Dahlia doesn't like that too much.

Beavis is warming up to the idea of her. She always wants to play with him and he is mostly like, "whatever" but I think soon they'll be tearing around. One night he was trying to get her to chase him (he likes to be the pursued apparently)...but she was more interested in trying to get his tail.


michelle said...

so cute!

can't wait to see her :)

Raesha D said...

She's darling!!! Siamese are my favorite kitties.....darling darling darling.