Thursday, June 18, 2009

Austin Tornado

Austin was hit by a tornado last night. The north side of town - Mapleview, Todd Park, Nature Center areas.

Sounds like most of the damage was at Todd Park, UBC, Morem Tree Service & the Nature Center. Haven't gotten *too* many details but it sounds like it could've been much much worse. My folks were without phone & electricity til about 5am this morning. I know some power was still out (where my Grandma lives, for example) as of this morning. Hopefully everything's okay.

My gosh they get the severe weather down there - tornadoes, floods, ice storms,'s starting to make Duluth seem REALLY boring! Sheesh. We can't even get an inch of rain!


feisty said...

holy moly! glad your folks are alright...sheesh!

donna said...

So glad your family is safe.

Meigan said...

I hope nothing happened to the robot slide! Don't you think it could survive pretty much anything, though?