Friday, May 29, 2009


We took the red-eye back from LA last night. ugh. I hate that flight. I'm all too familiar with it. Yuck. But Miss Dahlia cooperated and we took a nap together. Not that that makes up for a night without sleep, but it does help. And she's especially cute today which helps as well.

LA was good - we had a couple of good meetings & some great time with friends. Oh my friends. I miss them very very much. I have many pictures to post but tomorrow morning we're off to Longville with my family so i'm not sure if I'll get to it today. Today I must pack for the weekend and do some laundry.

Happy Weekend!


-Peder said...

Ugh, I've taken one red eye flight before and it was hell. I can't imagine it with a toddler. I'd be scared that the other passengers would throw us overboard.

carrster said...

Oh god - I would NOT attempt this with Dahlia. She did not go on this trip with me!!