Friday, May 08, 2009

Pancakes & Pebbles

Dahlia had her second trip to the Lion's Pancake dinner yesterday. Last year though? She pretty much slept in her car seat. This year she was ALL ABOUT THE PANCAKES. It is hectic and crowded and noisy as usual and it was a little difficult with a huge jogger (we walked) and no high chairs but we managed, somehow.

After the dinner we walked along the harbor & the canal; we saw our first big ship of the season. Dahlia wasn't too impressed but she did wave and say "bye bye" as it went past us.

We stopped at "pebble beach" and Dahlia had a BLAST. She could play with rocks For Ever. She had a great time. Also? She would've crawled right into the water if we had let her. We'll save that for a while....

It was a beautiful spring evening. We don't often get such nice nights during the summer so it was really nice that we were out and could take advantage of it!


feisty said...

too bad we didn't see you at the pancakes- i'd love to meet little Dahlia!

what a great day in duluth! aren't we all so lucky?

Meigan said...

I was in a meeting today with someone from Moose Lake. We spent at least 30 minutes talking the north shore. I'm so terribly homesick today I can't stand it. And that's not even technically "home"!!!

She's a lucky ducky kid for growing up there.