Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Nothing As Planned

Today has been one of those days where NOTHING goes as planned.

Dahlia slept til 8am this morning (after being awake at 4am) so we got off to a late start. I will NEVER wake her up if I don't need to be out of the house and I didn't today so we laid in bed until she woke up. I watched her for a good 20 minutes or so. I can't resist watching a sleeping baby.

She fell asleep in the stroller on the way home from lunch (had a lunch mtg at the Burrito Union). And instead of her usual 10 minutes I'M DONE naps, she napped for a couple of hours...even while I pushed her in the jogger up the very un-stroller-friendly trails in Chester. So....I never made it back to the office because by time she woke up it was after 3pm.

Dinner tonight - the chicken casserole from one of my favorite cookbooks...the chicken breasts I bought were HUGE. I've never seen such huge breasts (haha). I thought (like an idiot) that they'd be done in 40 minutes. WRONG. So we baked them longer and longer and longer until Dahlia gave up and threw a fit, ate some veggies and a cracker and told us she wanted OUT of her high chair. C'est la vie.

On to my evening activities - I'm working on a sewing project right now that has a deadline. Of course I'm late, as usual. So tonight I was going to start stitching since everything is cut & pinned. Lo and behold, part of my sewing machine (which I haven't used since we moved) is MISSING! Awesome. It's the part that you rest the fabric on; the part that holds your bobbins and zipper feet, extra needles etc. I have searched (not high & low yet, just medium) and I find NOTHING! Super great. My deadline just got tighter. Hmmm, I'm thinking I might need a new sewing machine....

And then the last task of the evening...install the HandyCam software on the crap-ass Dell as IT'S NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MACs (again, awesome). Fine. Whatever. We'll use the Dell and I'll transfer the footage to my Mac at work via the iDisk or whatever. But after installing for 30-40 minutes, the software/reader won't let me navigate to the "external drive" (which is the camcorder) to get the video! WTF? I'm soooooo incredibly annoyed right now because instead of being productive NOTHING has worked out.

So....I'm going to attempt one more task for the evening and then I'm calling it quits...because this is bogus.

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feisty said...

some days are better than others.

here's hoping today is going in the opposite direction...