Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So they're re-doing the building my office is in. Again. When we moved in here a couple years ago, the place was virtually empty. A lot of days I was the only one here. Since that time they've re-done the (live) theater downstairs, the bathrooms, added offices, made offices REALLY beautifully nice and the building is full most days. Now they are gutting the front of the building & the building next door and the basement and adding a cafe & art house movie theater (yay!)....but during this time it's been construction almost constantly. Somedays do not affect me. Other days we have a guy right outside our (2nd story) window doing tuck-pointing. And other days (like today) we have LOUD sawing and jack hammering (or so it sounds) and vibrations. It's hard to get your head to do ANYTHING when you feel like you may fall through the floor like Wile E. Coyote at any minute.

I'll try to snap some shots this week as I think the transformation is going to be pretty dang cool.

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feisty said...

lovely, yet annoying.

that is a cool building...