Friday, May 15, 2009


You know when you try to do something, learn something, further yourself in your field or whatever but you're CONTSTANTLY being....what's the word? Put down? Not doing it right? You get sniped at for taking charge when charge-taking was exactly what they wanted you to do in the first page?


I'm about an inch away from packing it all up and moving into the Boundary Waters permanently.


Holly said...

You hit the nail on the head. Give me some rope but instead of letting me succed you hang me with it? For christ's sake, WTF?

I'm sorry to hear you are fighting this battle. I hope someone begins to see the light.

Kate said...

Have you ever told him to suck it? Like seriously? I mean it.

Meigan said...

Just keep charging. Screw 'em.

E said...

My Gram taught me that good manners will get you through almost anything.
Try "Oh I am really happy with it. I'm sorry your so disappointed"
That will often stop the assholes in their tracks