Wednesday, April 15, 2009

White Man's World - Good Press!

Our little misfit movie White Man's World has been gaining traction in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Getting a lot of good reviews & press about the upcoming screening at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Int'l Film Festival. It's nice to get some validation outside of our little bubble that is Duluth. You can check out some of the articles here:



Star Tribune

Amazing to me is the fact that although we're getting such good press (and a slew of personal emails from reviewers, programmers, PR people, etc) I still feel so incredibly crappy when a friend of mine tells me that my mother is right and he 'hates' the film too (although he hasn't seen it - wtf?) and that I'd be worried about my name being attached to it. *sigh* It wasn't my favorite film to make. It was hard, I felt bad a lot of the time. It's not the project I'm proudest of...but isn't that okay? Isn't that what making art boils down to? Some hits, some misses, some raves, some slams but ultimately growth?


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Anonymous said...

Yes, I did agree with your mother about her opinion on the film (from the clips I viewed posted on the net). However, I also agree with you on the hits and misses theory. That being said, I hated “My Dinner with Andre” and some people think that it was hilarious. I also believe that there was a good reason why movies like “The Day the Clown Cried” were NEVER released. I wish you nothing but the best Carrie.