Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Now We're at War"

Why must artists be so tempermental? I mean really. Festival A sent back a very long and almost nasty email back to Jason after we ditched it. For the first time EXPLAINING things that probably would've made us feel a lot better about the festival to begin with! WTF? Now they are PISSY and demanding a RETRACTION (um, to whom?) and saying that this was "defamation" (um, I've never had a legit festival ask me for $$ - other than a submission fee before). Yeah, Fishy. Whatever. I refuse to let it get me riled up. My choice would be to not respond at all. But of course Jason's response is "we're at war now." Does it have to be so dramatic? Maybe this is why I'm not a "real" artist.



-Peder said...

I think you're right to just let it go. If you go to 'war' with them then you'll probably end up looking like the bad guy. Or at least someone will twist it that way.

juliemac_29 said...

What a bizarre response from them. Really? People don't pull out of festivals all the time for one reason or another? I find that hard to believe crazy organizers of Festival A. Defamation? Why? Where are they getting that? What sort of a "retraction" are they looking for? This strong of a reaction really flags to me that they're on the sketchy side, KWIM.

Kate said...

Letting it go sounds like the perfect response. Pissy people can just shove it.