Monday, April 27, 2009

Meal Planning

Well, I finally did it. I started that food/recipe blog. I needed to make a list of all the recipes we eat on a regular basis, was considering doing that in excel, and then when Anonymous suggested a food blog, it all clicked. I can have all my favorite recipes in one place. That way when Steve and I are disgruntled about dinner, at least we have a list we can consult.

So I present to you: What's Carrie Cooking?

Soon to be filled with more recipes for main courses, beverages, desserts, etc...but I'm just getting started so don't be too harsh on me yet.

If I use a recipe you've posted on your site, I will credit you. If I don't, please let me know so I can rectify the situation!

Bon Appetit!


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!! I am so excited. The whats for dinner question is a real annoyance at our house too. It is usually me asking the question, the husband saying he doesn't know, and me figuring it out. He does not contribute to any cooking unfortunately! So I am always looking for recipes that real people use!

Cathy said...

If you like to meal plan you should check out

Kate said...

Woo to the Hoo! I get to make things that you cook!

Meigan said...

I LOOOOOVE this! I want my former life back when I had more time to cook.

Maybe you'll make hedgehog cupcakes sometime.