Friday, April 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Last night I went to Anna's for Stitch & Bitch (Hi Anna!). While there we saw Andrea who moved into our old house. She invited me over to take a peek at the old digs.

It looks really great! It has changed quite a bit - well, just paint & window coverings, but it's amazing what a difference that makes. Obviously things are set up a little different and the furniture is different etc. It was different enough to make me not feel bad about being there (because man, do Steve & I both still love that little house). She put new carpet (THANK GOD!) on the stairs and upstairs in two of the bedrooms & the hallway.

The only disappointing things to me were that the window coverings are gone - all of them. I would've gladly kept them. In fact the ones in Dahlia's room I searched & searched for. They were longish drapes and I loved how soft & pretty (tan) they were. I haven't been able to find anything like them to put in her new room. And they were gone. Also the valance in the kitchen which looked so stellar with the cabinets. And the light that Steve installed in the kitchen (which he subsequently installed in our new house) was gone. *sigh* It bothers me less that she made these changes - I just wish we could've had the stuff so we wouldn't have to re-purchase things!

I showed her where some of the new things in the garden will be coming up (day lilies, daffodils, tulips, etc) which I think she appreciated.

Overall I'm so happy that someone bought our house who LOVES it. That makes things so much easier!

I'm such a sentimentalist.


feisty said...

you were brave to go back...i think i would've cried!

hopefully she donated those drapes/light fixtures...would've been ideal if she would've given them to you!

Kate said...

I totally would have asked her where the drapes were. Totally.