Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Update

So another weekend has come and gone. And BOY was it a great one. (I am being sarcastic). It wasn't necessarily "bad" it was just...."meh."

Friday night: Um....I got home late from grocery shopping so therefore we ate late and had a very hungry & crabby baby. Fun! I then made 2 pans of lemon cheese bars for Steve's Uncle's memorial service on Saturday.

Saturday: Rush rush rush! Try to get all three of us clothed, bathed, fed, bars cut, FIL picked up, etc for said memorial service. Spent most of the day there and you know what? There are no ramps from the parking lot to the entrance at Marshall School (the memorial was in the chapel there). There is handicapped parking on top, but if you're like me and just have a stroller, you're f'd. And there's lots of snow & ice in the parking lot and if you're also like me - you're carrying 2 pans of bars, a platter on which to put them, a baby, diaper bag & purse. Your husband is probably going out to pick up his Dad...there wasn't room for all of us + stroller + walker + wheelchair in one car so we had to drive separately. After the Memorial back home to putz around & entertain the babe. Heat up leftovers for dinner. Waste time wondering what to do. Do nothing. Go to bed.

Sunday: Waffles! Yum. Run to Target for diapers ad suddenly we are OUT! I only bought one box of diapers at Target. ONE ITEM. I actually walked around the store for a while looking for other things to buy. It was weird. I have never just bought diapers before and didn't realize they weren't taxed. Cool. Go home. Pack up shit to go to Steve's Dad's - milk, snacks, diaper bag, books, high chair (for Dahlia), ski boots, skis, beer, diet coke, knitting stuff, video camera, etc (for me & Steve). Drop Dahlia off and go skiing at Lester for about an hour. It was getting dark. I hadn't been out there yet this year. Beautiful. Good workout. I needed that. I didn't fall - yay! (sidebar: I found my old college transcript and looked through it the other day - my lowest grade in college (a b-) was in CROSS COUNTRY SKIING! I am such a loser). Went back to my FIL's to wait for dinner to be done. Their oven must suck because I swear the chicken & rice casserole was in the oven for....over 2 hours! It was ridiculous! It was good. The chicken at least. The rice was crunchy. We watched home movies of the uncle that passed away while eating dinner. We didn't get home until LATE and Dahlia was passed out. But she woke up at 3and was up until after 5 and that was awesome.

Oh and my back is seriously screwed up. It feels like my lower vertebrae are smushed down together and it HURTS. Hard to hold Dahlia, hard to pick things up, hard to walk down stairs. Awesome. Sleeping was so much fun last night.... Hmph.

Happy Monday!


Kate said...

Hrmph. But the waffles and the workout sounded good! I'm all about doing some yoga moves to help with the back. Try downward dog and cat and cow. It might help!

African Kelli said...

Oooh, that is a rough update. I am sorry to hear it. It has to be particularly hard this time of year. I hope you are able to get some yoga in to fix your back and that this week is awesome in return!