Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, we finally got our SXSW rejection yesterday. One week out from the final notification date. One week! They've been sending rolling rejections out since Nov 16 so being 7 days shy of the final date made us a little optimistic. Probably too optimistic. I'm usually not affected by rejections because I'm so used to them and because I don't actually believe we'll ever get INTO a f'ing festival, but this was different and now I'm paying the price.

In reality our little film cannot compete with films that have a budget 10x or 100x what ours was. It might be an "okay" film but it just doesn't have enough production value, sheen, gloss whatever to make it to the next level.

That being said, we're still planning on GOING to SXSW to do the networking, schmoozing, guerilla campaigning but I was really hoping that this time we'd be the belle of the ball. Or at least a wallflower.

I'm still hoping that at LEAST we get into Fargo for crying out loud.


Kate said...

You keep plugging along chicalita! I believe in you!

Holly said...

Pooh SXSW judges. Pooh pooh.

Bryan said...

You're probably already aware of this, but there a festival here in Park City that kinda sorta rides the coat tails of Sundance... called Slamdance (http://slamdance.bside.com/2009/)

Obviously its not as big as Sundance, but it gets a fair amount of press here.

carrster said...

Yeah, Bryan. We've been rejected from Slamdance for years. Including the '09 festival. We have awesome luck. Either that or shitty product.