Friday, January 09, 2009


So I haven't made any phone calls yet about daycares. Not one. I did make a list of potential providers in nearish neighborhoods, I've gotten a few suggestions from people and I've been thinking about it a lot but I have made no action. What is my problem? Argh. I need to just do this and get the thing settled but obviously there is something holding me back.

I'm procrastinating so much that I actually did all of my "FlyLady Missions" this morning before I left for work! I made the bed, and swished & swiped, I made my grocery list, started some laundry, threw junk away, swept & mopped my kitchen floor! Wow. So procrastination in one area, leads to accomplishment in others, I guess.


Anonymous said...

what is flylady?

You did this all with a toddler? WOW. You are superwomen! I can't remember the last time I mopped my floor...certainly not since I have had a child. I know...awful!

carrster said...

Corny but true! I try and try year after year and while I know I'm not totally overwhelmed, it could be better! Check it out.

My floor was very very dirty. *sigh*

Sarita said...

If I hadn't had an absolute deadline, I woulda put off the daycare search for-EV-er. Good luck. We have been so happy with our place, but I always think about finding a home daycare that would be a bit less $$

Kate said...

You go! Clean, clean, clean! Being busy probably eases your conscious some I would imagine. I'm the same way. You'll get it done, chica.