Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I have to admit, I'm a wee bit proud...

Me & Miss M

Our 2nd Match of the Month!

Here's the article:

January is National Mentoring Month and Mentor Duluth would like to highlight a few of its outstanding matches.


MATCH BACKGROUND: Carrie and MariAnna have been matched through Neighborhood Youth Services for 2½ years.

ACTIVITIES: Together they have tried many activities. They don’t ever seem to have a hard time finding things to do. Sometimes just hanging out together at Carrie’s house, eating dinner, baking, playing games, doing art projects or playing with Dahlia, Carrie’s new baby, makes the perfect evening.

Carrie and MariAnna’s favorite thing to do is art of any kind. Art activities that they have done together include collages, card-

making, drawing, painting and knitting. One of their favorite trips this fall was visiting the zoo and having a picnic. They also enjoy many other activities, such as going to plays, visiting parks, watching movies or going on hikes. Carrie enjoys watching MariAnna at her karate classes, and she just earned her black belt this December!

QUOTE: Carrie says, “We get along great. It’s really easy to just be together.” MariAnna said, “My mentor is very, very awesome!” These two are a great fit.


Kate said...

I can't find it! What section? The whole logging in feature is messing it up.

Kate said...

I think you've been a great fit for each other since the get go! What a treat to have her in your life and you in hers.

feisty said...

you rock, lady! how do you find the time?

Meigan said...

You two are Duluth superstars! Congrats on more press!