Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Am I justified? Or just a total bitch?

Here's the situation...

We're going to SXSW in March. "We" means my business partner, myself, our friend who's helping us with promoting/publicity, and another friend who worked on the film.

Here's the dilemma. Our friend who is going (the one that worked on the film) - well, this is going to be quite a financial stress on her. She'll be on vacation, so not losing pay, but the flight, hotel & film badge are spendy. This is not a cost that 4 Track is picking up, simply because we can't. So, while my partner & I's flights, film badge & hotel are paid for; hers are not (the promoter is fending for himself, and this is fine with all). So, I could offer to share my hotel room which would defray her costs a bit....but I kind of don't want to.

I've LONGED for several nights in a row, sleeping BY MYSELF. No babies, no husbands, no light, no sound, no nothing. I want to be able to get up when I want, take a shower when I want, sit around in my undies while watching WEEDS on Netflix on Demand at 1am should I so desire. I want to be ALONE.

So while I know it's stupid for me to be petty about this, I'm kind of feeling petty about this. I KNOW I should offer to share a room. That would be the GOOD and RIGHT thing to do...but I want my alone time. I crave it desperately.

So am I justified in this? Or am I completely selfish bitch?

I vacillate.


feisty said...

vacillate away.

i will say, i shared a hotel room with another sustainability coordinator at my last conference: to save money and resources. i thought it would suck, but in the end it was no big deal at all. i think you will still find yourself 'alone' in bed, as you could get a room with double beds.

i could argue either way here though!

Anna said...

You obviously want and need alone time, so take it. It's not petty. (Self) centering time is important. You've been looking forward to a room of your own for those 4 days, and you're not being bitchy for wanting it.

juliemac_29 said...

Did you guys ask her to go along or did she volunteer? That to me would make a difference in how much I'd offer to help out. If she offerred, then it's up to her to figure out how to pay for it, KWIM? If you guys asked her to go with more officially on business, then I'd maybe consider offering to share. But lets qualify this with me owning my own bitchiness and that maybe my perspective isn't as generous as it could be.

donna said...

I agree that if she is coming because she wants to, then it's up to her to figure it out. If you asked her to come, then you might need to help her out somehow. Maybe pay her flight rather than sharing a room?

By the way, our plans are in the works and I think Bridget will be staying home with grandparents, but I will be there either way!

Where are you staying?

carrster said...

She is coming of her own accord. She just really WANTS to come. That's fine with me.

We're staying at Embassy Suites - I have a king suite and there's a pull out in the sitting room so it's most likely that I will offer her the couch. I think it'll be more fun if we're all together, even if I do kind of wish I had my own space (well, I will, sort of...). Besides I think there's a one-or-two night business trip scheduled in April so I can get m y alone fix then I guess.

Kate said...

Justifiable alone time is a good, good thing. But doing the RIGHT thing will make you feel better in the long run.