Saturday, November 22, 2008 the park....

Today was great.

We had a leisurely morning with our house guests Freya & Mark...we played with the baby, we ate oatmeal & pumpkin bread, we talked, Mark played the guitar, we went for a lovely hike in Chester. It was really nice to not "do" anything. It was great to catch up with them as well.

After they left, Steve, Dahlia & I headed out on another walk...we checked out the Farmer's Market for their Season of Wreaths event or whatever it's called. I picked up a gift for a friend and one of the vendors gave me a wheat harvest wreath thing that I complimented. Cool! We stopped by the Shanty on the way back and I discovered they have Strongbow (cider) in cans! I haven't had Strongbow since I went to England! so I got some and am going to enjoy some tonight.

After we got back we started painting. I finished priming everything in the room but the ceiling (which Steve is finishing now) and I started on the trim. I just HAD to switch to a color other than WHITE. Ugh. Hopefully we'll make good progress tonight & tomorrow before the carpet comes on Monday!

Tonight Sammy's pizza for dinner, more painting and then hopefully a little veg time.

I really like Saturdays.

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Kate said...

I like Saturdays, too. I wanted to be with YOU on Saturday, and not HERE in my own stupid head. That's for sure.