Monday, November 24, 2008

Roll Out the Green Carpet!

Today is new floors day in the Boberg-Casa. We are getting sweet looking laminate installed in our kitchen. I'm so excited. This is kind of funky and fun. We were going to go with the cheapest thing we could find, but decided to get something we loved at the last minute. And over 10 years or so - what's $200 more, really? Now if we could get some glass tiles installed as a backsplash, I would be one happy kitchenista!

But the carpet - now this is cool. It's this product. Carpet made from corn! cool. Now, I'm not really a proponent for "hey, let's make everything out of corn" (duh, we should grow crops to feed people....) but I do prefer to have a corn based carpet than a petroleum one, so there ya go.

I'm not a huge fan of carpet in general (ewww, dirty dirty) but at least this is our NEW carpet and not someone else's (and their dogs...). Plus it'll give Dahlia a place to crawl around on the floor (no traction on hardwood) and it'll make things a lot cozier.

(there's an issues in the kitchen....layers of flooring must be removed before proper installation can happen and I just heard the guy mutter "oh this isn't going to be fun..." I think that's Dahlia's & my cue to head to the office!)


Kate said...

Run! Run from the flooring guys!

feisty said...

ooh- you are going to spend some bucks, just like US!

kitchen is bold. the look is similar to vertical grain bamboo- which was our choice for the entire top floor of our house!

i like yo' style!

mohawk is a real leader for carpet companies. (interface and bentley prince street are also good, if you are comparison shopping)

Meigan said...

I love it! You are going to have very cool floors!