Wednesday, November 19, 2008

27. Randomness

* None of our neighbors ever open their shades. Ever. Isn't this weird? This is a mandatory first thing I do when I get up. Hmmm. What's going on in there?!?

* I broke a bottle of Riesling this morning. It just rolled off our butcher block shelf (our makeshift wine rack). It was the bottle I bought to have with Julie (hi Julie!) when we celebrate her birthday...uh last July. I think that the gods are telling me I'm bad because it's been so long. Do you know how much Riesling smells when it's all over your floor?

* I have to redesign our website. I'm...well, the only word I can think of is overwhelmed.

* We still haven't started painting the spare room yet. We finally started PRIMING yesterday but my god. We are the slowest home-improvers ever. We have to be done by Monday though - new carpet!

* Sometimes I think when we get what we want we realize that that wasn't really what we wanted anyway. And that sucks.

* Dahlia will burp up blueberry waffles...all. day. long.


juliemac_29 said...

1. That's weird. Although, we rarely opened our shades when we rented and I have no idea why.

2. That's making me LAUGH. As soon as I saw Reisling I just knew it was the birthday Reisling. It's OK - I have my as of yet unopened bottle of Election Night Pinot Grigio that I've been to sick to drink. Let's designate IT as the replacement.

3. Ick. I have to do small updates on our work website and THAT'S a PITA. I can't imagine starting from scratch.

4. Boo to painting but YAY to new carpet!

5. Mysterious and complex, huh? Maybe it's just a motivator to keep expanding the definition of what you "want"?

6. Groady.

Tami said...

I used to open the blinds all the time .. I loved all the light that poured into the house. But then our house was burglarized two years ago and the cops asked me if I had left the house with the blinds open. You could see into the entire house and tell that no one was home. So now I'll open them a bit when I'm home but then I get paranoid that when they're closed you'll automatically know that we're not home. Yikes!

So now they're open during the daytime and then closed as soon as it's evening and time for dinner ... I don't like people walking by to see into our dining room. :-)

I'm sure that I'll relax a bit more about it in another year or so.

Kate said...

I'm a selfish flasher. I never pull my curtains. I like the light. And the street light. And how you managed to keep a bottle of wine for a whole year, I do not know.

Oh, you're not an alcoholic. Oops.

And sometimes it's getting what we thought we wanted that helps us get to where we really wanted to be but were too afraid to dream for it.

Holly said...

Hmmm...maybe the previous homeowners used to walk around in the nude and your neighbors just kept their blinds closed.