Friday, November 21, 2008

Off again..

We have the closing reception tonight for the TWO WORLDS art show. Frankly? I am sick of "special events." There have been too many lately and I long for a quiet (quiet!) evening at home.

I am baking pumpkin bread for it as we speak. Luckily the convection rocks or it wouldn't even be done in's still questionable anyway!

Old friends Freya & Mark are coming into town tonight to visit us. Should be fun...although I'm terribly embarrassed about the state of the house. I hate not being Martha. I need to get my shit together! I'm going to sing on Mark's new album that he's working on so I'm looking forward to hearing the tunes.

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Cello Mama said...

You have a convection oven? My oven died a week ago and we spent the afternoon shopping. I've never used a convection, so I wasn't going to get it this time, but it sounds like you like yours.

Should we consider it?