Monday, November 17, 2008

25. Kewpie Doll

My Mom got this little hand-knitted sweater at a 4th of July Auction in the booming town of Morristown last year for my niece Hannah (the auction - long story, they have a WIDE variety of interesting and sometimes weird items to bid on....). Of course once Hannah grew out of it it came to our house. I don't think my sister liked it...but I LOVE IT.

I think it's so cute on her. I think it makes her look like a little kewpie doll and I wish that I was talented enough to make cute little sweaters for her.

And tis the season where an little extra layer of warmth doesn't hurt. Okay- time to wash prunes & waffles off the kewpie doll's face!

Happy Monday!


Kate said...

She looks darling and I love that sweater! I wish that I lived closer. I want to squeeze her so much!

feistyMNgirl said...

argh- what a kick to my ovaries!

Meigan said...

Total Kewpie doll! Love it!

She has gotten so BIG and is as beautiful as ever...