Thursday, November 20, 2008

If you Can Believe it - More Sound Issues!

So we're trying to finish off this g.d. sound mix for WHITE MAN'S WORLD and it's becoming a real pain in my ass. The mix that we got for the premiere last week had some issues which Jason was able to 'Frankenstein" enough to work, but that's no good for the final product.

Today we were at the designer's studio and we are STILL having issues. We're having weird things with the clips & audio not being in synch. And it's not a global problem so that makes it so much more frustrating and mind boggling, not to mention time consuming. We thought we were going to go up there today and just work on the actual sound issues - ie: levels, weird pans, etc. but no, we spent all day trying to get things lined up. ARGH. Then I took the "test" mix back to our office, loaded it on and about 2/3 of the film are in synch while the end IS NOT - WHAT THE HELL?

So, I guess more work to be done tomorrow. IT's getting old. I really need to be finishing up this year's books (hi Anna!), cutting together JIMMY BLACK and cleaning the office, instead we're stuck in this endless sound design hell.

Dahlia was a peach today. So good. She just sat on the floor and played with some toys I brought for her and some that Roger had for his son. She is a good good baby. She even slept til 5:45 for me today - yay!


Meigan said...

I don't know how you have the patience for that.

carrster said...

well, uh, I guess it's my job. I have no choice!

Kate said...

Yeah for good babies!

And I'm with Meigan. Things like that make my cry.