Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Who do you call when you have radiators, a combined furnace/hot water heater (hot water on demand-ish?) and you're not getting any hot water? A plumber? A heating person? I'm new to the world of radiators and such "fancy" (hahahaha!) hot water heaters but I am freezing cold after taking a cold shower this morning. And Miss Dahlia needs a bath but not in that water!


(carpet looks AWESOME btw, laminate...uh, not in yet.....)

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Holly said...

you should be able to find a plumbing & heating outfit to help you. i had these in my one of my apts and the owner was both a plumbing & heating dude.

good luck! i hated when that happened. but oh... the sound and the feel of those radiators. i love them.

haha, my word verification is latte. might have to wonder off and get one of those....