Sunday, November 16, 2008

24. And That is That

We wrapped up our public screenings of WHITE MAN'S WORLD last night. It went really well. The audience numbers weren't GREAT but their reaction was. The first showing they took a while to warm up but then seemed to really enjoy it. I hope so as our investors were there.

The 9 o'clock showing had a really great turnout (hi Mindy!) and they LOVED it from start to finish - at least by the sounds of the laughter. There were quite a few Native Americans in the audience at that show too and they seemed to really love it and get it.

We didn't make money this rarely do we make money...but it was good to get it out there, spread the word, sell a few dvds and wrap up a project. We're hoping to show it in Minneapolis sometime after the first of the year. It's just too hard in this "Holiday Season" to try to get anyone's attention.

I'm looking forward to a mellower week...I get to start editing the film I directed! Whohooo!


michelle said...


Chris and Don loved the movie! Sorry my parents didn't make it. Dad was actually all set to go and it was my mom who was tired - who knew!

Is there anyway I can see it when we make it up next? I really want to!

And Chris go the God Rocked soundtrack - love it! :)

feistyMNgirl said...

9pm was a great audeince, for sure. my belly was sore afterwards!

i had to buy ...God Rocked on DVD too- and looking forward to movie night with H to watch it.

PS You "as you" is pretty funny! And my friend and I were wondering how many times Jason was times himself to play himself too....