Saturday, November 08, 2008

13. First Snow

It's snowing much for getting the cars in the garage before the snow flies...ah well We'll get there eventually.

Today is a day of putzing around the house. I don't really want to go ANYWHERE. I want to be home today and tomorrow. I have been on the go too much and next week will be busy too and I'm ready to just chill out and hunker down. The plan for today is pick out paint for the back bedroom & paint it! We're hoping to have help either with watching Dahlia or painting from Steve's Mom - either one would be a great help.

Dahlia has stopped sleeping through the night...again. Now she seems to be really hungry (or at least inconsolable except for by a bottle) around 2 or 2:30am. I have not fed her in the night since before she was 6 months old. And now this? Ugh. I hope it is a growth spurt - and that's what I chalk it up to but man it's getting old. I was up for an hour with her in the middle of the night...and then she was crying again by 4:30 - only for a couple minutes - then up again at 6:30 (another bottle) and then she was UP. Totally done with the sleeping thing. Which sucked because I was really really tired. Steve got up around 8 and took her downstairs for a while and I slept for another hour. Thank goodness.

Then she was CRABBY so we put her in her carseat and that did the trick (as usual) and now she's napping. I hope she catches up on her sleep and is a less-crabby baby today.

And it's snowing....we will probably see snow for the next 5 or 6 months. *sigh* I'm ready and not ready this year. It's come too fast I think.


Meigan said...

Do me a favor & take it easy, lady! You are doing so much & just reading your posts make me exhuasted. I hope you can rest up this weekend. This would be a sucky time to get sick.

OK, that's my motherly advice for you tonight. I'd love to take Miss Dahlia for a few hours so you could take a nap. I remember those days & it sounds like she might be going through a growing spurt. Hang in there!

Kate said...

I too, wish I was there to give you a nap! I spent the weekend with a two year old and even though I'm tired, I don't think I could keep up that pace on a day to day basis. You're a great mom! Hang in there.