Thursday, November 06, 2008

10. Too much to do

We had our press screening last night for WHITE MAN'S WORLD. It went fine I guess. We're getting coverage in the Duluth News Tribune (cover of The Wave?), The Reader and The Budgeteer. Unfortunately we missed out on some opportunities because we don't quite have our shit together.

That feeling is getting OLD. There are only two of us who work on these projects full time and it's too much. We come up with the ideas, execute those ideas, write, edit, score etc all of our productions. We have to get art work created and DVDs authored. We have to handle the really fun stuff like the books, insurance & taxes. We have to promote and get people interested and EVENTUALLY we have to SELL something or we'll be going down in flames.

It's too much and I fear burning out is a real possibility!


David Nett said...

It is rough, no doubt. There's a huge part of me that envies you guys ditching the day job and just striking out to do this (as opposed to me trying to produce and keeping the day job), but I'm also terrified that I'd get into exactly the place you've described and not be able to figure a way up and out.

The difference is, I'm confident you will figure it out. You have always, always been more resilient than you think you are.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for you to use volunteers? Filmmaking is a fantasy world for most. Some people may be very interested at getting an inside view, however small their part.

Can you get any students from the University to help you? There are always retirees, high school students, etc. The more people you can get involved and interested in your projects, the better. The volunteers will also help promote your projects.