Saturday, October 11, 2008

Still Moving Sh*t

Ugh, We're still moving stuff out of the old house. My god. I'm so sick of it. Today we were going to get an early start - but didn't. No big surprise there. We got over there and Dahlia who previously was good as gold, was whiny & clingy and wouldn't let us work! I managed to get some of the upstairs vacuumed and the bathroom cleaned but that was about it. We moved a ton of crap out of the basement (a mini-pickup truck's worth) but there's still more. Tomorrow Grandma B is watching Dahlia so we should be able to just get it done quickly.

Oh and a FUN note! It was really cold in the house. The thermostat was set at 60 but it was only 59 (felt much colder). So we tried to turn it on...nothing. Steve hit the "reset" button on the would run for about 30 seconds and shut off...we tried this a few times, him at the furnace, me at the time he comes flying up the basement stairs and runs out into the yard...apparently the vent in the basement (on the chimney) started having black smoke! AWESOME! And there was a bunch of black smoke coming out of the chimney. Needless to say we brought Dahlia out into the yard while we called the oil company....which we got the runaround from because we're not a "current" customer (WTF) and finally they said they'd call it as an emergency. (hi, black smoke and strong OIL smell in the house? Get your asses out here!)...we shut off the furnace and shut the breaker off to the furnace and then went about more packing and moving crap. 3 hours later still no one was out and we were winding down. Dahlia was tired & hungry and we were over it. As soon as we called the oil company back, the "on-call" dude calls us. He said, yeah, he could come over but it would be REALLY expensive because it was a Saturday. We said 'f that' and scheduled him to come on Monday. Since we're not staying there and the smoke stopped and we shut everything off we figured screw it.

But I'm not too happy. I will be severely ticked if we get to within a week of closing on our house (less than a week, actually) and the furnace goes. Grrrrrrr. I know the buyer is planning on buying a new furnace so hopefully it won't matter. Let's hope so.

Back tomorrow for more moving-crap-and-cleaning-fun! Happy weekend.

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