Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rough Cut

Tonight we're screening the 1st rough cut of WHITE MAN'S WORLD. Eeek. Weren't we just doing this with GOD ROCKED? I'm anxious & trepidatious to see's not an easy film to watch (although it is a comedy). It dances with racism and points out the absurdities in ignorance, art, relationships, etc. It is meant to push the envelope - and it does & will.

We're also organizing an art show to coincide with our film premiere (Nov 14 & 15). It's called TWO WORLDS. Half of the gallery will exhibit "process" photos from Erin McConnell - b/w's documenting our filmmaking process on this endeavor. The other room will exhibit artwork by native artist Kurt Buffalo - he mostly does beadwork (incredible!) but does other things as well...We're going to *hopefully* have a native american musician perform on the opening night (still working on that) and a reading by author Jim Northrup on our closing night. All three artists also 'acted' in this mockumentary. I'm really kind of excited about this although I'm only acting on the periphery of it. It'll be good PR for us, get more people out, give a chance to show that even though we made this movie, we're actually friends with "the indians" etc. It's a touchy film and hopefully this will help show that it's supposed to make you THINK a bit. Any proceeds from the sale of Erin's artwork will go toward a tolerance/racism education charity. Cool, huh?


Meigan said...

Wow - that does sound cool. And way to make progress! I can't believe you are that far on your film already.

You have been a busy, busy girl!

carrster said...

To be fair, this is TRULY Jason's baby. He edited the whole thing. I've been working on getting GOD ROCKED out the door...mostly. The screening went well....It wasn't nearly as hard to watch as I suspected it might be!