Monday, October 20, 2008

It's that time again!

Well, almost. NaBloPoMo 2008 will soon be upon us once again. I don't know if I can manage a post a day for 30 days but I will try. It has been interesting the past couple years and this will be my 3rd in a row if I can stick it out.

Won't you join us?? Aren't you ALSO insane?


Kate said...

I've been thinking about it. I don't have to POST it anywhere, do I?

carrster said...

NoBloPoMo - is blogging every day for a month (a little different than NoMoWriBlo or whatever the hell the novel one is that Peder does).

For NoBloPoMo - you just click the badge on my sidebar and you can sign up. It's kind of fun and there are actually lots of prizes that you could win! Let me know if you do it!

Kate said...

Oh! Okay. I was thinking the novel thing. But I think I can post everyday. Yes, I can!