Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Too much RNC

After Bush's little ditty last night and the nonsense I've heard tonight -I am feeling a little sick to my stomach. I'm so sick of politicians in general! Ugh.

I watched (most of) the Ron Paul speech last night from Mpls and actually agreed (well, definitely) more with him than what I've heard tonight (although the schools thing really ticks me off) - ay yi yi.....

I just wish that we could live in a time again when EVERYONE got excited about a potential leader of this country which could be great!

I'm so over the mud-slinging and the personal attacks on all sides. Fess up. What're you going to do to fix the problems? What're you going to do to keep jobs in this country and to keep our economy growing? What're you going to do to help people who are educated and hard-working yet STILL can't afford health-care? What're you going to do about our situation in Iraq? And now Georgia? and god knows how many other places? What're you going to do about our dependence on foreign oil? What're YOU GOING TO DO??????

You know what? I can dog someone - I can do it all day long and if I'm in front of the right group of people...I can get applause too. I'm sick of it.

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Kate said...

I can't watch the convention speeches, they all make me a little weary. I don't believe any of them or anything they say. Ever. It makes me very sad.