Thursday, September 11, 2008


So, we've been busy around here...between the new house, the old house, the baby and our jobs. Ay yi yi....someday we'll go on vacation...I hope.

At the new house - all the carpet is gone, the wallpaper is off the kitchen walls. We have a fridge (it is FREAKING AWESOME!), and a dishwasher (yet to be installed)...the washer & dryer, which previously did not fit in the basement, will now, thanks to Steve and are coming on Saturday. In case you're wondering I DID go out and buy some high efficiency laundry soap today - to mark the occasion. The guy came to fix the carpentry after the plumbing was fixed last week; I set up an inspection with the city for next week to show them that the work is done, I canceled our FUEL OIL account (yahooo!), I met with the laminate floor measuring guy and a hardwood floor re-do-er guy.

Here's the thing - we don't *have* to re-do the floors now and we *could* do them ourselves - but it sucks. We did it once and it's a tough job and we don't want to do it...after thinking about it for a while we thought - wouldn't it be nice to have this done before we've MOVED IN, cross it off our massive 'to-do' list and then ENJOY them instead of just thinking about it for...years? The answer is would be so...they're doing them next week! Can we afford it? Yes. I had saved some $ for the new house which we haven't used yet, we got a little $ from my Grandma for the new house when she passed away (appliances - yay!) and Steve & are are using our economic stimulus to stimulate the local economy and put some people to work! The balance is aboutu $78 that we'll have to fork over out of our (immediate) pockets. I'm pretty happy.

The laminate guy suggested ripping out the vinyl tiles in the kitchen and seeing if the floor (hardwood) was worth doing in we might not be getting laminate afterall but just going with the hardwood that is throughout! I am SO EXCITED that someone else is finishing our floors I could do a little dance. In fact I did.

My folks are coming up this weekend and my goal is to finish removing all the staples (did I mention the floor guys are removing THE REST OF THE TACK STRIPS - YAHOOOOOO!), in the back bedroom, patching, sanding, priming & painting the kitchen, installing new pulls, repairing the work that steve did (to get the washer & dryer downstairs), possible ripping up the kitchen floor, rewiring the stove outlet (uh, not me!) and I would love love love to at least AGREE on a color for the living room/dining room.

Anyhoo - the house is going to be more gorgeous than I thought when we finally moved in. The financial decisions can be tough ones, but I'm so happy to get to enjoy the fruits of our labor instead of just wishing we had done it sooner (as with so many projects in our current house).

So there you have it. Hopefully I will get an operating memory card for my camera soon and there will be pictorial displays of our fixing-uped-ness.


MamaD4 said...

Whew. It makes me tired just reading your blog lately! And I have refinished just one tiny floor in one house many years ago!

One of the best feelings of leaving the US last year was to cancel our FUEL OIL account too. I absolutely dreaded that big truck pulling up outside and knowing we were going to get another painful bill in a week. I'm sure the price of fuel oil has been even worse this year.

Do the "no more fuel oil" dance, too!

Kate said...

I'm joining you in the HAPPY DANCE! You are doing SO much work, won't it be just awesome to sit and enjoy the house once you've moved in - none of those nagging projects that keep you from relaxing on your couch and enjoying an evening together? I'm SO happy for you!

feistyMNgirl said...

nice job- you deserve to hire some of the stuff out! i want to see photos of the gorgeous floors so i can droooool.

Sarita said...

Oh my gosh, I know this is a lot of work, but also so much fun to have a new awesome place. I'm so excited for you guys!